My Mum, My Best Friend

Not so much of a blog post, more of a Happy Birthday wish for my amazing mum.

I am not so talented when it comes to poems, but I have put together a little poem to wish her a very Happy Birthday, as it is the least she deserves!!

happy birthday

For this poem for mum on her Birthday,
There’s so many things I want to say…
From girl to woman, she’s stood by my side,
When I’ve laughed, when I’ve shouted, and when I’ve cried.
Although we didn’t always see eye to eye,
She’s always been there and helped me get by.
She’s seen me at best and she’s seen me at worst,
But no matter what, she always puts me first.
Although I’m grown up, she still does so much,
Like advice, support, and guidance and such.
To her loyalty there is no end,
Not just my mum – she’s my best friend.
Thank you doesn’t really cut it,
So I’m not sure really how to put it.
She deserves the best, that’s all I can say,
So I wish her an amazing, brilliant birthday! 💜


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