I guess the best place to start with things is to introduce a little about myself really. Not something that is terribly original to start with I know, but in honesty, it is often nice to understand a little about the person whose thoughts you are reading. I mean, isn’t a blog basically the closest you might come to having a window into the thoughts into someone’s mind? Probably best to understand a bit about whose mind it is then surely?

My Simple Mind 🌍🕊💖

So this is a just a quick overview of a few facts about me (in no particular order, because randomly is how my brain often works):

  • I am female
  • According to my year of birth, I would be classed as a Millennial (I guess tipping toward being one of the older Millennial)
  • I love cats (yes send me as many cat pics as you like)
  • I love Disney
  • I have Mental Health Issues
  • I spend a ridiculous amount of time on Twitter (Find me here)
  • My friends and family are my life (and Twitter right now too!! Haha)
  • I have always been interested in writing, and have been considering doing a blog for years now
  • I doubt my posts will be in any kind of order or structure due to other commitments
  • I work full time
  • I run the MH Crisis Angels on Twitter (more on this in future posts to come) (Follow us here)
  • I laugh at very small things
  • I love going to the cinema
  • I enjoy binge watching TV shows
  • I love cheesy songs (particularly 90s and 00s music)
  • I love things like ‘Top 10’ lists (E.g. ‘Top 10 greatest Horror Movie Moments’)

I am basically a typical Millennial I guess, according to all of the above!!

So that is my first post… all about me… not too much to know really. But believe you me, there is some crazy stuff that goes on inside my head so look out for my future posts because there is certainly going to be a random crazy mix of things!!!


So there it is…. after all these years of thinking of doing a blog… my first blog post!!!


12 thoughts on “ABOUT MY SIMPLE MIND

  1. Well done!! I’m so proud of you for making your first blog post! I’m really excited to read your future ones, and I thought this was a great way to start off! xx


  2. I am so glad you’re doing your own blog now! As a crisis angel, I personally know a lot of what you said about yourself already. But it’s a great introduction to your world and I am really looking forward to your upcoming posts. I am positive so many others are too.


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